Academy Training Wasted

by Free Dogs

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Recorded semi-hungover in a few days in Bradford and Leeds, UK.


released October 24, 2019

All songs written and performed by Alex Rijpma and Josh Booth. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rob Hobson.


all rights reserved



Free Dogs Leeds, UK

Free Dogs is what happens when two punk songwriters who wish they were in a punk band meet in the Netherlands and jam on Monday afternoons.

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Track Name: Mrs Nesbitt
Will I be a has-been at 25? Am I a never-gonna-be already?
Why am I-I-I-I stayin’ alive when I don’t make a difference to anybody?
Is a nobody all I’ll be, or do I worry too much about the greater scheme?
All my life I’ve been walking asleep, now I’m a victim of my dreams

Won’t someone tell me this is making a difference, won’t someone tell me this matters?

I got a quarter life crisis and a heavy head no drink can satisfy
I treat my life as a means to an end, to an end I’ll never find
I got a smile on my face but I’m a miserable fuck, heart and mind bursting and breaking
Bad ideas, bad dreams, no belief or luck, killing time by time wasting

Won’t someone tell me one day it’ll be different, won’t someone tell me it gets better?

I guess that in my head I am already gone, and I’ll try, fail, try for years
But do I really have that long, or what it takes to get the fuck out of here?
And take the applause and shake the hands, laugh and drink the wine
I’ll treat my life as a means to an end, to an end I’ll never find
Track Name: All Your Secrets
We sat three by three, we watched some tv
You, your brothers, my brother and me
When on the tv, we suddenly see
A reflection of all we were trying to be

The signs had arrived, right into our minds
Lay down your weapons for now it is time
To howl with glee, to cry and to scream
Just like the stars that we see on tv

Their kings and queens, they never will bleed
But they also have nothing that they can believe
Their hate and their greed, it's all that they need
It eventually creeps into both you and me

No reason no rhyme, no sinner or crime
The policeman whispers it's gonna be fine
Between you and me, it’s all just a breeze
This thing we called life, yeah it's all that we need

One last time, I will lie, and say that I am no longer scared to die
But never mind, please don't cry, because I will try to keep all your secrets in mind

I pray that you say that we can never fade away
Track Name: Uno Distress
Pigheaded singer-songwriter seeks someone to boss around
I’m at least ten strings short of realising how this should sound
I need a proper singer, someone who’ll beat the drums into the ground
Yeah this song was written for a band I haven’t found

I need one, two, three amigos to relieve the pressure in these chords
But three, two, one, rock n’roll is less fun when you’re rooted to the floor

I’m a wannabe visionary, won’t somebody make my vision clear
In a wall of distortion and crash cymbals, won’t somebody hear
Us triumphantly sing the hideous things we’d never think out loud
Yeah this song was written for a band I haven’t found

I need one, two, three pairs of fingers to bleed for the cause upon these strings
But three, two, one, rock n’ roll is less fun when no one’s listening

Yeah we’ll probably play drunk and fight after every show
Over who fucked up and why I can’t let my dream go
So I sit here with my lonely songs, waiting for replies
Let me know if you’re like-minded, you’ve nothing to lose but your mind
Track Name: No Easy Answer
Reflections on reality, well they weigh heavy on me
A little black cloud that I carry around
Rumbles like thunder in my skull and makes me act out
Less in sense than sympathy, my heart only makes a fool of me
Wish I could tear it up or tear it out
And whatever’s left, I’ll build a new one around

I don’t want you to want the person I am, I want to be the person that you want

The petty green of jealousy, it don’t look good on me
I don’t wear it well or wear it out
It sticks to my skin as long as you stick around
No I’m not that good at being lonely, but I know I need the chance to be
I’ll toughen up, grow new skin around
These bones will surely break if I can’t keep you out

I’ll keep finding new reasons to get better
Track Name: The Moon and My Friends
My friends have gone home, my friends have gone home
and nobody left standing that I want to know
the fires in our eyes died three hours ago
but I never made plans to leave
So where do I go? So where do I go?
the songs and the scene and the night has grown old
I've used up all my party tricks, sick of my sick jokes
and can't imagine where else to be

redefining madness, it's the same story every night
but under the moonlight, we're drawn in like the tide
knowing soon enough the laughing will be crying
the same sinking feeling every time the party's dying
and alone under streetlight, asking strangers for the time

I'd rather play dumb, I'd rather play dumb
this will hurt in the morning, so may the morning never come
the last man standing, at the mercy of the sun
the city sleeps or has the good sense to play dead
so where do I run? So where do I run?
I'm all out of answers and tripping on my tongue
as I try to recall the real damage done
and thinking about what an old man said (maybe I should call...)

for help, but I can't feel a single thing but the weight
gravity drags my weary bones as I fight my way
make a break, great escape from the smoky room
mistake a lonely streetlight for the moon
briefly think about the tide, hit the floor and throw up in waves

the moon, she mocks me as my stomach spills onto the floor
knowing, sure as the tide, I'll only come back for more
and soon enough the laughing will be crying
the same sinking feeling every time the party's dying
and my friends will go home as if they have another time to live for
Track Name: Punk Kids
Fall fell onto the venue windows
Into the creaks of places only we know
And onto the deaf ears of all of those
Who dare still walk around with pins in their clothes

The crowd awoke while she never did
The last of the stagelight still strokes her eyelids
But the club where it happened closed to this day
Ever since that day in May

Punk kids stick together until they don't
But they'll lie to the cops when the indie kids won't
They'll barricade the backdoors, they'll busy her bones
Punks they stick together up until they don't

Summer seems silent when you're not at the festivals
Just like the punks who the police found questionable
Because every last boy in the line up knows
No one looks to hard for the schizo at the punk rock show
Track Name: Oh No!
I got lost in a forest I visited as a child
there’s an obvious chance for poetry there but I’m not going to take it
the leaves, the branches and the river, could only ever be delivered
through paper and pen and strings as just crude imitations

No one cares for your sad sack shit
no matter the metaphor you wrap around it
and you can’t believe you believed you had a unique perspective

You’re not gonna make any money (woah no)
you’re not gonna get very far (oh no)
you’re not gonna make a difference being the way you are

We all dream of the words to lure a dream of a girl
cos we’re told the artistic soul is the one most attractive
but it’s rarely interesting to answer unasked questions
and no one ever wrote a song about a girl they’re not in love with

I’m a defeatist dreamer, a faithful non-believer
a man of art with a scientist heart
trying to create something greater than me
but when I don’t believe it’s possible
the pursuit becomes irrational
and I end up in the same place I’m always trying to leave
Track Name: Long Time No See
In ever-decreasing circles do we have anything to cling to
As one by one we fall into mere memories
And mazes of obscure jokes, with long-forgotten punchlines
And only desperate courtesy left to revive
Vague shapes of conversations, repeated questions
From years’ past, when it wasn’t so awkward to ask
Now we misremember and exaggerate better times, in the hope we’ll strike a spark to fly
The time away, help me take this time away

Small talk of work and weather for the time being
Between tight handshakes and loosened tongues
Toasts to absentees, might-have-beens and dreams
Back through the years, back to when we were happy
So don’t admit I’m an inconvenience, don’t confess that you felt obliged
You couldn’t feel more sorry for me than I do, cos when I’ve no one else I can only turn to you
To take the time away, help me take this time away

I want to fight to reclaim some of this distance
I hope you feel the same, I know it doesn’t make sense
But I believe we’ve spent too much time away from one another, so I need you to say
Let’s take some time away together

Help me take this time away
If you make time fly for me, I will make time fly for you
Track Name: To-Do List
First thing in the morning
My brain starts forming
Every reason to stay in bed
And every morning
I start discerning
The words that my parents said

They said
Never eat in bed
And don't trust the government
Let us know when you've done something wrong
Play well but work hard
And for the love of god
Don't put us in your stupid songs

Get home in the evening
With the sick sad feeling
That maybe I'd just rather be dead
But before i start screaming
Over all I don't believe in
This thought pops into my head

It says
No one is born a monster
Just like no one dies a saint
But we all do die
So we all just have to try
To do it without much regret or compliant
Track Name: Dead Man's Dream
Yeah and it's nights like these
I wish my life were a movie scene
A dead man's dream
With cigarette butts and methlamene
In place of all this strife

And I never thought I would see these things
Like mirrorballs and broken wings
And at once you see your darkest sins
And a reflection of you in a knife
And isn't it just a lovely sight

And the worst things first and the bad things last
And all of the good things are all in the past
But right now all I lack would be anywhere but here

And who would have thought I would see you smile
For the very first time in a long while
My radios stuck just left of the dial
But it's all I need tonight

And burning bridges cant get much worse
Unless you forget to get off it first
So sell your crap and buy a hearse
Or just get on with your life
It's such a gorgeous sight
Track Name: Dean James
My friend Ed Dorado called me up with something amazing to see
Up from my cynical slumber, I joined the journey expectantly
But with bitter glitter down the road, I learned there’s no such thing as gold
Ed Dorado, you’re just a joke

Will I leave laughter in my wake or a perplexing punchline?
I’ve got so much ground to make and a fraction of the time
From forever through tomorrow, I know nothing will change
So put me through to someone who can handle my complaint

My friend Dean James he called me up, said it’s really not that bad
I almost had greatness thrust upon me, but I messed up the catch
Now I conform without a cause, the story of my life on pause
Oh Dean James, you’re just a joke

This world was made for the beautiful, so where do I belong?
Life is tough and I am not, I fear it’s already won
I’m falling through a list of questions never long enough
So connect me please to the person with these answers or hang up
Track Name: Exit Sandman
I died in my dreams last night again
What do you think that means?
The cost of all these dreams
The loss of all I need

I like the simple songs best
But they don't work lately
And the bad times have made me lazy
This used to make me crazy

But there's nothing left to say
At the end of the day
Don’t you think it’s time to go?
There's no other way
Thanks for letting me stay
But I think it’s time to go

Add it all up, let it fall down
And get the next round on me

I found some peace last night
What do you think that means?
Silver linings of these deeds
The worth of my best dreams

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